The site is a photojournalist's insider perspective of Sri Lanka's culture perceived as a heterogeneous unique identity that emerges through history, art, legends, myths and its people. The website is also platform for nourishing and cultivation of my soul as Cicero's original meaning of culture as "cultura animi." I learn as I write, stopping to talk to the people I meet, visiting places of interest and researching on local history.

Everyone, if you stop to talk has a story to tell from the woman who sells bananas at the market to my lawn mover repairman and the hearing impaired mute repairman. They are all part of our culture and feeds into my "other" stories where history of places, its people, are enriched and intermingled with family memoirs. The writing fuses images from the past and present complimenting text and poetry, in a free spirited style to create a rich fabric of Sri Lanka's culture.

The ubiquitous social media has given us also instantaneous way to interact globally, extending my reach and learning. My aim is to capture some moments, however transient to weave a multi-dimensional cultural portrait of my country that I can share globally through these island cameos.